What’s New

What's New

Welcome to the first blog for 2021. I'm pleased to say that The Diving Company has partnered with the good people from Mares again for 2021; we're an authorized Mares Dealer and Service Centre.
Mares continues to expand their range of products and this includes their XR Range.
As more and more divers see the benefits of diving with a backplate & wing Mares have come up with some awesome ready-to-dive models for 2021.
While I do not carry Mares full range I can get any product here in just a day or two.
I will of course be stocking products from XS Scuba and Highland again this year along with the addition of the Orca range of gauges.
Just like the Mares XR range the Highland backplate & wing has seen plenty of support and I will always have a couple in stock.
I will also have the Highland DIN 1st stage available again this year in both air and oxygen clean versions for the solo and tech divers.
Speaking of solo diving, I will be offering a new revised version of my SDI Solo Diver course for 2021 so stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

Muck Dive With Ian

Muck diving, yes that's what I said, muck diving - is in fact a very popular form of diving and with all this rain we have had now is the time to get into it.
There are many great opportunities to find those tiny critters and maybe even something you have never seen before. So come and join me for a muck dive with Ian.
Remember diving with Ian is free, I do not charge you for these dives unless you want your very own dive guide. I do hire equipment if you require it and of course I always have the Diver Down Flag in the water and oxygen & 1st aid equipment in the truck.

Scuba Refreshers

Again I will be offering scuba refreshers for any diver who has not dived in some time. These are usually conducted in the river at La Balsa Park and are available to any diver from any certification agency.

Nitrox Course

I will this year be offering the SDI Computer Nitrox course again. This is a one day course following the online theory and using your own dive computer.

Well that's it for now.

Safe Diving …….Ian

Dive with Ian

I have been teaching through the Scuba Diving International or SDI training agency since 2003 and am a SDI Course Director, Solo Diving Instructor Trainer and a Side Mount Instructor.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast I have become a "shallow water shore diver" with La Balsa Park on the edge of the Mooloolah River being my new dive site of choice.

This is a great little dive site with easy parking, most days, shower and toilet facilities and super easy entry and exit only a few meters away from the car park and steps with a handrail into the water.

The fish life is coming back to this site after huge rains washed everything out early this year. Each dive produces some new critters to find.

With a depth of only 6 meters a one hour dive is very easy to achieve. I do not charge people to dive with me. I do supply a Diver Down flag, Oxygen and a First Aid Kit.

I can supply hire equipment for any Dive with Ian. BCD - Regulator with Computer - Weight Belt and Tank is only $50.00. If the tides are in our favor we can sometimes get in a second dive. A second tank for hire is $20.00.

I also offer a range of scuba training courses.