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Ian has been teaching through the Scuba Diving International or SDI training agency since 2003 and is a SDI Course Director, Solo Diving Instructor Trainer and a Side Mount Instructor.


SDI Solo Diver Course

I have been training Solo Divers since 2003 and have been offering this training on the Sunshine Coast since 2014.
I am now offering the SDI Solo Diver course at La Balsa Park.
The course consists of an online learning portion followed by 2 dives at La Balsa Park.
Solo Diver equipment - pony cylinder and regulator is supplied and includes two tanks ( air only ) for the training dives.

Cost is $250.00 per person.


Scuba Refresher Dive

For certified divers from any agency I offer a scuba refresher dive.
The La Balsa Park dive site is a great place to do a refresher dive.
I have been doing these dives there for a couple of years with a 100% success rate.
I do not charge for these dives if it’s on a day that we are diving.
If you do require a refresher course style dive I can do that too.
Cost is $75.00 per person. A tank and weights are included.
I can also supply scuba equipment at a fee.


Independent Air Source Course

I wrote this one day, one dive course in 2012 to allow me to train Open Water Divers in the use of the Submersible Systems Inc. Spare Air unit or a small pony cylinder.
The course was aimed at divers who did not wish to dive solo but understood the advantage of carrying their own independent air source.
This course is offered without a certification card.
The extra equipment needed for the course is supplied along with a single tank (air only) for the training dive.

Cost is $150.00

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