Ian’s Best Gear: Reviews of New Scuba Equipment

Over the past almost 30 years I have had the opportunity to test dive a lot of equipment from a lot of manufacturers.

Some of this has been great and some, well not so much.

Whenever I get the chance to test some equipment I will put my thoughts up on here. Here's my latest review:

07/08/19 - Mares Magellan Travel BC

The latest piece of equipment I was given to try out I was so impressed with I actually purchased it right away - the Mares Magellan Travel BC.

Now first off this is a recreational style BC. It is however a back-inflate style BC so will suit those divers who have been used to a backplate and wing.

The Magellan weighs in at just 2.1 kg with 18 kg of lift.

In my review I tested it with an aluminum 80 / 11L cylinder and a 3 / 4 mm suit and it worked great.

The Magellan has an innovative new shoulder strap system that is easy to get into, adjust and get out of with no plastic clips or buckles.

The integrated quick release weight system will hold up to 6 kg.

I added two single weight pockets to the cylinder cam strap to help with balance.

While the Magellan has 4 aluminum D rings it has no real pockets. What it does have is a small roll down pouch on the right side under the weight pocket that fitted my small SMB and finger reel.

I don’t know if it is because I dive a back inflate BC all the time but I found that the Magellan worked great right away.

I was a little concerned about the lack of any form of back support but the design of the BC, placement of the cylinder band and the cylinder itself all worked out fine and this BC does have a back pad so could be worn with just a rash shirt in warm water.

Stability from the back inflate bladder made buoyancy control a breeze with plenty of lift once on the surface.

This BC and my Mares regulators weigh in at a little under 5 kg.

Now that's a travel kit.