Dive Equipment

The Diving Company’s retail shop stocks products from XS Scuba, Mares, Trident - Tilos, Adrenalin and Mirage. We're open by appointment only.


Hire Equipment

The Diving Company offers hire equipment to its students and divers joining us on our beach dives.

Scuba Cylinder $20
Regulator with dive computer $20
Jacket Style BC $20
Backplate & Wing $20
3mm Wetsuit $15
Mask, Snorkel and Fins (full foot) $30
Open Heel Fins with Boots $15

New Regulators

The Diving Company has entered into an agreement with Well Marine Diver, a manufacturer making regulators and cylinder valves for a number of other brands. We offer these regulators without putting a new brand name on them (as this would just add to the cost) and give you two simple but very functional models to choose from.

  • We only use a high performance balanced diaphragm 1st stage that comes in either a Yoke or a DIN.
  • The 2nd stage is also a high performance balanced unit with diver adjustable breathing resistance.
  • Add to these a choice of rubber or double braided hoses the length you want.
  • These packages also come with an Italian manufactured pressure gauge.

Open Water Regulator
This is the regulator set up that most divers learn to dive with and that is used by most dive schools and dive boats.

  • 1 x FS804 - Yoke 1st stage.
  • 2 x FR02 2nd stage.
  • 1 x 22 inch Rubber BC inflator hose.
  • 1 x 27 inch Rubber regulator hose.
  • 1 x 36 inch Rubber regulator hose
  • 1 x 32 inch Rubber high pressure (gauge) hose.
  • 1 x metric ( BAR ) submersible pressure gauge with rubber boot.

Advanced Diver Regulator
This is the same basic set up as the Open Water package with a couple of twists -- getting a little Tech here.
The primary regulator is on a 40 inch hose and comes from the 1st stage under the diver's right arm, with the second 2nd stage on a 22 inch hose on a necklace.

  • Equipment list TBA

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